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This site will be updated until Christmas 2022.
There is no obligation to report, furthermore, tests are no longer readily available. The reliability of these numbers is now questionnable.
Public Health England still report periodically.

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The following information relates to Downton and Morgan's Vale, Wiltshire, UK.

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Downton and Morgan's Vale, Wiltshire, UK COVID Information

Since the start of lockdown in the UK, I have been tracking COVID numbers.

PHE have a web site on which they display both national and local numbers. This site is at coronavirus.data.gov.uk, where they not only maintain current data but also some historic data.

Prior to October 2020, I took weekly snapshots. In October I started recording local data daily, and re-present their data here.


At the start of the pandemic, in March 2020, PHE released data daily, timed to 4PM press conferences from Downing Street. This site was launched in October 2020, was able to backfill data from weekly snapshots available on PHE's site, and itself reported daily.

In February 2022, PHE ceased reporting data at weekends, and in July 2022 its reporting frequency decreased to weekly.

PHE aim to release data each day at 4PM (UK), driven originally by government press conferences. This time now seems aspirational, with data sometimes published several hours later.

National and regional data is published 1 day in arrears. Local data was originlly published with the same lag, but it is now published 5 days in arrears.

PHE count the “number of confirmed cases in the last week”.

Therefore, somebody confirmed 8+ days ago will drop off the statistics, although might still be considered "infected".

PHE blur out low numbers, 0, 1 or 2. They claim this is to protect the privacy of those concerned. Therefore, this site is not able to display these numbers.

In generating local data, PHE use the concept of Middle layer Super Output Areas (MSOAs) . England is split into about 7,000 such areas. The MSOA locally is "Downton and Morgan's Vale", and is area #6677.

OpenMap Tiles / Open Street Maps also produce a map of the area.

In addition to the raw number of cases, PHE produce a value, the rate, which uses straightforward multiplication to calculate the number of cases per 100k population.

Because MSOAs vary in population, this number allows one MSOA to be compared to another, showing "hotspots" nationally.

This number is based on an assumed population (from the last census). For the "Downton and Morgan's Vale" MSOA, a population of slightly over 8,000 people is assumed. To calculate the rate in this area, simply multiply the actual cases by 12.454.

PHE display a "last updated" field on each page of their site. These timestamps can often be out of step, even with each other. This site records just the timestamp displayed on the "Interactive Map" page. This timestamp is usually accurate for headline numbers, but the local information used on this site can appear anything up to a few hours later.

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Please note that this site has no affiliation with the UK government, or any of its agencies.